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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Anthropology

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1 online resource (ix, 227 pages) : color illustrations.

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Walter E Little

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Robert W Jarvenpa, Kevin J Williams


Applied, Diaspora, Identity, India, Tourism, East Indians, East Indian diaspora, Dance, Divali

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Higher Education | Social and Cultural Anthropology


This research is centered on touristic performances, diaspora studies, and hyphenated identities in general and the Indian diaspora in particular. This project looks to the co-construction of identity within the Indian diaspora as is experienced by the Indian international student attending cultural events and festivities or Third Spaces, produced by the Indian diaspora at large, through a theoretical lens of tourism. In other words, this project is an investigation through ethnographic research and narrative analysis, of the interface between cultural festivals, diasporic tourism, and hybridized identities. In turn this research addresses the duality of identity negotiation in the diaspora in connection to Third Spaces and the hybridized process of being and becoming, highlighting the importance of extended community networks to new arrivals. This project not only broadens understanding of new arrivals' immersion experiences and identity negotiations but also looks to the role and potential of appropriate international student service planning.