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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Sociology

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1 online resource (ix, 328 pages) : illustrations.

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Steven F. Messner

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Nancy A. Denton, Ryan D. King


correctional facilities, crime, NIMBY, property values, Community-based corrections, Group homes, Halfway houses, Criminals, Real property, Crime

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Criminology | Sociology


The primary aims of this dissertation are to examine the association between correctional group quarters and crime rates and the effect of correctional group quarters on property values in urban neighborhoods. There has been a surprising lack of examination of these relationships, especially since community residents' anticipated fears of correctional facilities have been well documented. The few studies that have considered correctional facilities, crime, and property values have generally focused on one rural location and almost exclusively evaluate state prisons without consideration to the range of correctional facilities. Broken windows theory and `Not in My Backyard' literature are used to argue that correctional group quarters are viewed as a form of neighborhood disorder and therefore will be adversely related to crime and property values.

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