Who Can Submit?

Article submissions aligning with JLAMS Aims & Scope are welcomed. Authors must own the copyright to the work being submitted or be authorized by the copyright owner(s) to submit the article.

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General Submission Requirements

By submitting material to JLAMS, the author is stating that the material is not currently under review at another journal and that he or she will not submit the material to another journal until the editorial decision process is completed with JLAMS. Regarding concerns about submission terms for JLAMS, please contact the Co-Editors.

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Formatting Requirements

For initial submissions, JLAMS requests the following:

  • Please do not include name, email address, current affiliation, position title, or any other identifying information in the body of your article.
  • Please do not include a cover page.

For rules governing the formatting of the final submission (after acceptance), see Final Manuscript Preparation Guidelines.

Although bepress can provide limited technical support, it is ultimately the responsibility of the author to produce an electronic version of the article as a Microsoft Word file that can be converted to a PDF file.

It is understood that the current state of technology of Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) is such that there are no, and can be no, guarantees that documents in PDF will work perfectly with all possible hardware and software configurations that readers may encounter.

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Rights for Authors and Attribution & Usage Policies

JLAMS is an open-access publication. All articles in JLAMS are published under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

By submitting to JLAMS, authors agree to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Under this license the authors retain the copyright of their article, but allow others to reuse and copy the article provided the original authors and source are cited.

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Reviewer Guidelines

Reviews will be sent to the author, unless the reviewer indicates that it is only to be read by the editors. Reviewer names will not appear on any communication with the author(s). When reviewing the assigned article, please comment on the following:

  • The strength of the thesis, and how well it is supported by examples or arguments
  • Coherence and flow
  • Any significant grammatical errors that hinder the clarity of the message. Ignore small grammar errors or other small issues in formatting that can be easily fixed.
  • The scholarly quality of the references

At the conclusion of the review, please indicate the overall recommendation:

  • Accept paper for publication with minor or no changes.
  • Accept paper for publication on the condition that major changes will be made.
  • Reject paper for publication, but encourage major revisions and resubmission.
  • Reject paper for publication as not fitting the scope, level, or requirements of JLAMS.

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