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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



First Advisor

Angie Chung


The question I attempt to answer with my research is: How does long-term hospitalization impact the emotional well-being of a child? I am measuring the impact on development and emotional state that hospitalization has on an individual that is still in the process of determining their self-identity, while also identifying the consequences of childhood illness. A necessary emphasis is placed on the vulnerability created by long-term hospitalization and the separation from home; a focus on the feelings of isolation and loss of security created by loved ones is essential in understanding the role that family plays in the hospitalization of a child. Also, I am trying to understand the impact that various aspects of inequality have on how a child that is hospitalized over a long period of time adjusts to their period of hospitalization. The methodology for this thesis mostly involves secondary data analysis where I gather data previously conducted by research on the same and similar topics in addition to an interview with an individual that was hospitalized during adolescence to act as a supplement to the secondary data I collected.

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Sociology Commons