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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



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Kristin V. Christodulu


Researchers have created interventions to improve the social behavior and communication of children with autism spectrum disorder. One such intervention is called Social Stories, which describes social situations and their corresponding appropriate behaviors in order to help children with autism better understand social cues. Although several studies indicate the usefulness of this intervention, more evidence is needed. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of social stories in decreasing challenging behaviors of first-graders with autism during homework time and to measure changes in parental stress and family quality of life. Homework time was chosen because children with autism experience homework difficulties which can lead to stress within a family. It was expected that the Social Story intervention would decrease challenging behavior and parental stress and increase family quality of life. This study used a case study design and did not observe significant changes in behavior, stress, or quality of life. Reasons for these findings are investigated

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Psychology Commons