Date of Award


Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Criminal Justice

Advisor/Committee Chair

Robert E. Worden


This paper examines intermittent white-collar offenders. Intermittent offenders represent the most dangerous of white-collar offenders as they are criminally dormant for years at a time and commit deviant acts when the opportunity presents itself. It is for this reason that they are classified as “opportunity seekers.” This paper will discuss previous white-collar crime research and assert that white-collar offenders are predisposed to crime. In addition, a modern definition for white-collar crime will be introduced. Following the analysis of the intermittent white-collar offender characteristics, real-world applications on how to dissuade offenders from participating in white-collar crime will be discussed. The onus falls on the business organization to prepare for modern fraudulent acts. It is the hope of this study that the information herein will lead to business policies that can anticipate and thereby avoid white-collar crime in the workplace.