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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Science



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Paul Toscano


Raman spectroscopy is a reliable, nondestructive method of identifying and distinguishing between different types of biological fluids. However, forensic studies have been restricted to indoor desktop Raman instruments when it would be optimal if Raman spectroscopic analysis could be performed at a crime scene. The CBex Handheld Raman Instrument was developed as a portable tool that could perform Raman spectroscopy outside the lab. Unfortunately, the CBex cannot obtain viable spectra of biological fluids. The handheld was compared to the Renishaw invia Raman Microscope by quantifying the signal-to-noise ratio of each by acquiring Scotch tape spectra. The handheld has a significantly lower detector sensitivity than the desktop and cannot take viable spectra over an integration time of 2.5s without reducing the laser power

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Chemistry Commons