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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



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John Polk


PTSD and Burnout are two epidemics that are unfortunately affecting the majority of our nation’s EMS members in today’s society. It is important that these emergency first responders are provided with effective treatments that will allow them to heal from the trauma they experience on a daily basis and that these treatments are made available. This research thesis focuses on the finding the most effective treatment that will lead to the best outcome for these workers and improve their quality of life holistically. The methods in this project include analyzing previous studies done on this issue and developing a pattern across the sources to determine which treatment of PTSD and Burnout will be the most effective for EMTs. After completing the analysis, allowing EMTs to enjoy “down-time” to do whatever they chose after an intense situation, was proven to be the most effective in overall combatting the symptoms of PTSD and Burnout.

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