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Spring 4-6-2024


The Textual Assessment of Leader Individual Differences (TALID) is a growing archive of leader speech and a dataset of individual difference scores for more than 750 global leaders. TALID includes texts accumulated by Social Science Automation, Inc and Margaret G. Hermann during a variety of research projects conducted since 1997. Recent additions to TALID include documents for Joseph Biden and Donald Trump contributed by the Xiamen University Digital Presidents Project. The scores in the data set are all generated using automated coding schemes running on Profiler Plus (Levine & Young, 2014). Variables included in TALID are for Leadership Trait Analysis (LTA) (Hermann M. G., 1980), Operational Code Analysis (OCA) (Walker, Schafer, & Young, 1988), Motive Analysis (MA) (Winter, (1987)), Verbal Behavior Analysis (VBA) (Weintraub, 1989), and Conceptual Integrative Complexity (Suedfeld, Tetlock, & Siegfried, 1992). TALID is available at: Scores are provided at both the document and leader level.


Young, Michael D. 2024. Textual Assessment of Leaders Individual Differences: Exploring TALID. Prepared for Presentation at the International Studies Association 2024 Annual Convention, San Francisco, April 6, 2024.

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