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High quality training, coaching, and supervision are essential for practicing High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW; Walker, et al., 2013). As such, New York State System of Care (NYS SOC) established The Wraparound Training and Implementation Institute (WTII) in 2017 to create a statewide infrastructure for HFW training and workforce development. WTII has successfully established base protocols and practices, and is now ready to determine “next steps” toward increasing the effectiveness of these protocols and practices. The aims of this research brief are to summarize care managers’ and supervisors’ feedback on HFW training, coaching, and supervision, and propose recommendations to better support HFW practice. The investigated components of HFW include: • classroom training (for all care managers, and for supervisors where possible); • coaching, defined as assistance with HFW practice: » direct coaching of care managers by WTII instructors (implemented with the first two cohorts of care managers), and » coaching care manager supervisors to coach (as typically practiced after the initial cohorts); and • supervisors’ supervision of care managers (including other non-HFW specific assistance).



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