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The incorporation of peer support in the treatment process for individuals experiencing mental health challenges has been increasing over recent decades (Campbell, 2005). Adults with mental health conditions have pursued roles as facilitators in recovery-based work (Mead, Hilton & Curtis, 2001), and attained roles as peer support providers in diverse settings (Chinman et al., 2008; Gopalan, Lee, Harris, Acri, & Munson, 2017). More recently, youth have also filled critical roles as peer support providers, as young people with mental health challenges may relate better to another young person with lived mental health experience.


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Posted with permission. This is the Author's Accepted Manuscript. The version of record can be found here: Cosgrove, D., LaPorte, T.M. & Gullick, M. (2019) The Impact of Youth Peer Advocates: An Early Look at Findings. Behavioral Health News, 7(1), 26.

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