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This chapter explores Mexican vampire movies of the 1950s and follows the vampire’s journey from the Americas to Europe and back in order to analyze the ways in which the monster is articulated in each cultural context. The specific Mexican articulation of the vampire in Fernando Méndez’sEl vampiro is modeled after Hollywood films, yet the film carries nuanced meaning having to do with national identity and borders. In this film, the vampire is a menacing figure that arrives seeking to infect, invade, and conquer. At the same time, he is potentially a subversive other that transgresses borders and threatens stability, an agent that expresses certain cultural fears at very specific social and political crossroads.


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Serrano, Carmen. (2016). “Revamping Dracula on the Mexican Silver Screen in Fernando Méndez’s El vampiro.”. Vampires and Zombies: Transcultural Migrations and Transnational Interpretations. edited by Dorothea Fischer-Hornung and Monika Mueller, University Press of Mississippi, 2016 149-167.



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