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William Riccardi


A recent development in the field of accounting is the concept of working remotely and being able to be part of a company without ever setting foot inside its doors. This concept has been accelerated by the recent pandemic that prevented companies from surviving financially if they did not adapt to allow employees to work remotely. As companies have recently been opening their doors back up to employees working in person, there is increasing dialogue about whether or not remote work should be embraced as a tool for success or rejected as a potential distraction.

This study will explore literature on how the field of accounting has adapted since 2020 to fit the remote work of an accounting firm. The research will target senior and graduate level students to determine how they have responded to working remotely at internship and entry level accounting jobs. The intention is to discover their insights on remote accounting work through qualitative questions related to how they view their productivity while working remotely versus in person. Ideally, this will also gain the perceptions of students who have not worked remotely to see how the groups compare. The importance of this project is to document the perspectives of the next generation of accounting professionals to determine whether accounting should embrace new technology.

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