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This chapter describes the empirical quantitative and qualitative research and case studies pertaining to collection management practice in academic libraries published between 1990 and 2007. The topics covered include collection size and growth, material cost, library expenditures, budgets and budgeting, collection development policies, collection composition, organization and staffing for collection management, selection, and the evaluation of the collection development process and the collection itself. The chapter identifies the most influential and useful studies and the most active areas of research. The collection management research literature was limited in the methodologies employed (surveys and case studies), statistical analyses applied (basic and descriptive), and the scope of the problems addressed (inputs and processes). More studies that focus on effictiveness, outcomes, and impact are needed.


Casserly, Mary F. “Research in Academic Library Collection Management 1990 – 2007” in Academic Library Research: Perspectives and Current Trends, eds. Marie Radford and Pamela Snelson. ACRL Publications in Librarianship No. 59 (Chicago: American Library Association, 2008), p.82-137.



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