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In March of 2020 New York State’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo charged Havidan Rodríguez, President of the University at Albany, SUNY, with leading a team of public health, social welfare, emergency preparedness and other experts from both research and practice in a study of the environmental, socioeconomic and occupational factors causing Latinx and Black individuals in the state to be disproportionately harmed by COVID-19. See

In pursing this charge and at the request of President Rodríguez, the Vice President for Research at the University at Albany, Dr. James Dias partnered with the Vice President for Research from SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University, Dr. David Christini, and the Vice President for Research from SUNY Upstate Medical University, Dr. David Amberg, to strengthen existing and build new research and practice collaborations focused on health equity. With this goal in mind, Dias, Christini and Amberg laid out a three-phase plan to produce the shared agenda and to begin working collaboratively on that agenda.

This document reports on Phase 1 of the three-phase plan including presenting a set of recommendations for the Shared Health Equity Agenda and creating the enabling conditions for success. This document is presented as input to the ongoing discussions about a shared health equity research agenda. As such, it may help guide near-term decisions about priorities, timeline, action steps, metrics, and entities responsible for building the agenda.



Havidán Rodríguez, President University at Albany

James Dias, Vice President of Research, University at Albany

David Amberg, Vice President of Research, Upstate Medical University

David Christini, Senior Vice President of Research, Downstate Health Sciences University


Rukhsana Ahmed, Department Chair/Associate Professor Communication, UAlbany

Vincent Delio, Director Division for Research, UAlbany

Teresa Harrison, Professor/Collins Fellow Communication, UAlbany

Tianning Huang, Assistant to the Director Division for Research, UAlbany

Ayesha Joshi, Director/Research Programs Dev, Downstate Medical Sciences University

Christopher Morley, Chair/Dept. of Public Health & Prev. Medicine, Upstate Medical University

Theresa Pardo Special Assistant to the President/Director Center for Technology in

Government, UAlbany

Lawrence Schell, Director/Professor Center for the Elimination of

Minority Health Disparities, UAlbany

Julia Singleton, Project Manager/Assistant to the CAS Dean College of Arts and Sciences, UAlbany

Lynn Warner, Dean/School of Social Welfare, UAlbany

Dwight Williams, Clinical Professor/School of Public Health, UAlbany

Tracey Wilson, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty, Dev Downstate Medical


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