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Fall 2009


Latinos in the New York State’s labor force grew in numbers by 61% during this period compared to 22% for blacks and only 3% for non-Hispanic whites. From these proportions it follows that the workforce development efforts in the state should pay special attention to minority workers, especially Latinos. This report assesses the degree to which available resources in this area are being used to service this group of workers.From this review, the authors infer that of the millions of dollars invested in workforce development efforts in the state, the proportion allocated to address the Latino workforce is astonishingly small. New York State must address the workforce development needs of Latinos in terms of their rate of growth within the labor force (61% between 1993 and 2005), their share of the jobless in the state (12% in 2000), and/or their needs (e.g. the number of limited English proficiency speakers). In order for the state to monitor the use of workforce development resources and address employment and income disparities, all agencies that carry out workforce development projects on behalf of, or in conjunction with, New York State should be required to track and report their impact on Latinos as well as other minority communities.

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