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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Social Welfare

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Blanca Ramos

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Young Do


Dating Violence is the perpetration of violence within a dating relationship. Negative experiences in childhood have been linked to dating violence through much research. This is often explained by Socialization theory (Bandura, 1971) which posits that observing and experiencing a pattern of behavior during childhood can lead to the adoption of that pattern of behavior as adults. Drawing from this theory, individuals who experience positive parenting in childhood learn and develop a supportive relationship style and, therefore, should commit violence against a dating partner as adults with less frequency. This project examines the relationship between positive parenting during childhood and dating violence among university students using data from the International Dating Violence Study (IDVS). The IDVS collected information from a sample of over 14,000 university students in 32 countries. Data will be analyzed using the SPSS statistical package. The results and their implications for future social work research, practice, and program development will be presented.