Analysis of Psychological Symptoms of Youth in Residential Treatment Centers

Ashley Cummins, University at Albany, State University of New York


Residen tial treatment centers (RTCs) are equipped with the resources to increase coping skills, decrease antisocial behaviors, and foster positive personal growth. The purpose of this study is to analyze the prevalence and severity of psychological symptoms of yo uth entering and as they adjust to a treatment program in a RTC. Biological sex is also looked at to determine if sex influences the youth’s psychological symptoms and adjustment to program with the youth’s adherence to rules and engagement in treatment us ed to also show adjustment to program . The study concluded that there was a decrease in the prevalence and severity of psychological symptoms over the course of treatment, but there were not enough data to draw conclusions on the youth’s adherence to resid ential rules or the youth’s engagement in treatment. Also, females were more likely to enter a RTC program with more psychological symptoms and average more severe symptoms than males over the course of the program.