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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Public Administration and Policy

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Julie Novkov


This paper will consider piracy in Somalia, focusing on the two emerging perspectives that define the way that research and counter-piracy efforts are planned and executed. Through an examination of Somalia’s political and legal history, the violence which has occurred in the Gulf of Aden will be deconstructed and understood using socio-economic reasoning. The piracy for protection narrative will provide the groundwork for understanding the causes for piracy. The piracy for profit narrative will distinctly show why some researchers believe that piracy in the Gulf of Aden persisted for so many years. This paper will review certain counter-piracy measures, which are structured to address piracy from the different understandings of the criminal activity, framed by the two perspectives. Evaluation of these two perspectives along with the success rates of counter-piracy campaigns will show that the most effective way to combat international violence is using an internal and external understanding of the factors contributing to piracy.

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Public Policy Commons