Date of Award

Spring 5-2021

Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Theatre Arts

Advisor/Committee Chair

Kathryn Walat


Beginning in March 2020, live theatre and entertainment has been on furlough due to the Covid- 19 Pandemic. The pandemic has inspired individual artists to create and revolutionize the theatre industry by implementing new styles of origination such as online theatre. Online theatre grants opportunities to playwrights, directors, stage managers, actors, and designers to collectively formulate a show with a virtual experience. Over the course of the years 2020-2021, productions have been using various software programs to stage full-scale shows, which makes theatre more accessible than ever before. This paper documents the evolution of theatre through the pandemic, affecting the changing roles of collaborative theatre artists. Qualitative data was collected from first- and second-hand interviews and from observing virtual productions ranging from classical plays to new works. Based on the observations and analysis of interviewees’ accounts, I have applied the skills for online theatre to my own practical experience as a dramaturg, actor, and director in multiple digital productions. In conclusion, the study explores the unique and innovative ways that the audience’s new position allows for participation and engagement. Globally, digital theatre has allowed many artists to recognize new opportunities as a result of the pandemic, whereas live theatre may limit international participation. The experience and skills that collaborators have learned will be an asset rather than a detriment for when live theatre returns.