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Hany A. Shawky

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David M. Smith


In this paper, the returns of mutual funds invested in emerging markets and the returns of emerging market ETFs are measured. The rates of returns of 133 emerging market mutual funds are taken from the PSN network and the return, risk, and diversification are evaluated for the emerging market mutual funds. The findings are that Southeast Asian countries dominate the proportion of investments for emerging markets. Of the countries invested in, China is the primary country invested in by a large margin. The highest rate of returns was for funds who had invested in India primarily followed by Taiwan and then followed by China. Emerging market mutual funds performed worse than large cap S&P 500 funds and had more risk than these funds, suggesting that domestic markets may be a better investment. The 9 emerging market mutual funds that invested in only one country outperformed the other 124 emerging market mutual funds that diversified.

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