Date of Award


Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Business Administration

Advisor/Committee Chair

Yuan Hong


Everyone’s personal privacy is extremely vital and people go through great lengths to ensure that their information is secure. Corporations who collect or utilize data do realize this and strive to protect their customer’s information. But can data be released to research companies without jeopardizing the privacy of the people? The more sensitive the released data is, the more companies have to mitigate the probability of being able to link the data together. Companies collect big data because it can be examined to predict patterns and be used for marketing, thus increasing their chances of becoming successful. To replicate the data companies and academic institutions collect, I will randomly simulate the information. The data I will use is not real; it cannot be linked to any actual persons. Additionally, I will discuss what methods are currently being used to anonymize data and why it is important to minimize the risk of linkage and leakage.