Seeing clearly: Global visions in a teacher inquiry community

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Introduction: As a university professor with an abiding interest in children’s literature and a firm belief in teachers as intellectuals and agents of change, I started the 2012-2013 school year with some trepidation. In addition to a proliferation of media discourses that painted teachers in a negative light, some interpretations of the Common Core State Standards seemed to marginalize both fiction texts as well as the value of engaging students in reflective conversations about literature. Against this backdrop, the Tri-Cities Global Literacy Community began exploring global literature in the summer of 2012. This teacher inquiry community consists of six members, including reading specialists, a reading teacher, an ESL teacher, and teacher educators. One late September afternoon as we all gathered for our monthly meeting, a cacophony of voices traded concerns about new teacher evaluation procedures, the rollout of the Common Core State Standards, and revamped literacy curricula in districts.


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