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The No Gun Ri Digital Archive is a collection of oral histories, photographs, and American military records that documents the massacre of Korean women, men, and children by the American 7th Calvary Regiment at a bridge in the village of No Gun Ri between July 26-29, 1950. The Archive began as a research project in 2012 with the support of Faculty Research Award Program (FRAP) from the University at Albany (State University of New York). From 2015 to 2017, this project was supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea. With the generous support of NRF, the current form of the digital platform was created.

The No Gun Ri Digital Archive hopes to be an open platform to discuss the memory and history of the No Gun Ri Massacre so that everyone can be part of the No Gun Ri memory and the memory will be preserved in posterity. The No Gun Ri Digital Archive is a space where people can witness and engage in the social memory of the No Gun Ri Massacre based on the pieces of the stories housed in the Archive, and the Archive aims to share the empathy of the survivors and families to bring their stories to the world through the web.

In the beginning of the Korean War, American troops were brought into the country to fight against the North Korean army. As the North Korean army advanced into the country, American troops in the 7th Calvary Regiment ordered the civilian residents of two villages located in YongDong County to evacuate to the south. They stopped under the No Gun Ri railroad bridge when American planes attacked the refugees, killing an estimated 250 to 300 people. The U.S. Army claimed that there were a number of North Korean infiltrators hiding among the civilians, citing the reason for the attack.

‘노근리 디지털 아카이브’는 노근리사건의 역사와 기억을 담는 플랫폼이고자 합니다. 노근리사건의 기억은 우리 모두의 것이라고, 누구도 우리의 기억을 멈출 수 없다고 믿습니다. 노근리사건이 세대와 경계를 넘어 지속되는 집단기억으로 형성되어, 새로운 맥락에서 이해되고, 인식되길 바랍니다. ‘노근리 디지털 아카이브’는 이러한 소망을 위해 노근리 기억의 조각들을 오픈 플랫폼의 형식으로 담아내고자 합니다.


This digital archive was captured and preserved at the time when it was crawled by using web crawling tools that allow for the preservation and access of internet sites. This archived website can be viewed through the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine website. The Wayback Machine is a service that allows people to visit and browse archived versions of web sites. In addition, web crawling tools can make interactive maps and other dynamic web content difficult to capture, so screenshots may be substituted for interactive content.

이 디지털 아카이브는 웹사이트의 보관과 접근을 수월하게 하는 웹 크롤링 도구를 사용하여 캡쳐 및 저장되었습니다. 웹 크롤링 도구는 상호작용적인 지도 및 동적인 웹 콘텐츠의 캡쳐가 어렵기 때문에, 다음 링크를 통해 노근리의 위치가 담긴, 상호작용적인 구글 맵 스크린샷을 보실 수 있습니다.

Archived Google map screenshot can be found here: https://wayback.archive-it.org/12932/20210323134112/https://nogunri.rit.albany.edu/archive/exhibits/show/massacre/massacre-p1/

No Gun Ri Research Team (노근리 연구팀):

Donghee Sinn (신동희)

Youseung Kim (김유승)

Taeyeon Park (박태연)

Su-jin Kim (김수진)

Ban-Dee Ryu (류반디)

Jinkyung Park (박진경)

Yang-hee Bae (배양희)

Eun-Ha Youn (윤은하)

Moonsoo Hyun (현문수)

Nicolas Soares

Catherine Stollar Peters



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