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Master of Science (MS)



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W.S.F. Kidd


Rocks of the Frozen Ocean Group outcrop in the Frozen Ocean Lake-New Bay Pond Area, Newfoundland, and are here divided into four formations. The Lewis Lake Formation forms the base of the Frozen Ocean Group, and is composed predominantly of mafic volcanic flows; this is conformably overlain by the Blue Star Formation which is entirely sedimentary in nature. The Blue Star Formation is in turn conformably the Bursey Point Formation, which is a mixed volcanic and sedimentary unit. The top of the Frozen Ocean Group is marked by the Lynx Pond Formation, a mixed silicic- and mafic-volcanic formation, with minor sedimentary intercalations.
The Frozen Ocean Group is everywhere in fault contact with structurally underlying, medial to late Ordovician, rocks of the Shoal Arm Group and Point Leamington Formation: structural analysis of this fault zone reveals that the present juxtaposition is a result of an early Silurian back-thrusting event, although several later episodes of deformation have modified the original geometry. The back-thrusting event is believed to be a result of continued, post-Taconic convergence between the Taconic-modified margin of North America, and the remaining, open part of the Appalachian Ocean. The later deformation episodes which have affected rocks of the area include right-lateral strike-slip faulting associated with pull-apart basin formation, upright regional folding,
batholith intrusion, and a second generation of dextral strike-slip faulting.


Kusky, T.M., 1985. Geology of the Frozen Ocean Lake - New Bay Pond area, north-central Newfoundland. Unpublished MSc. thesis, State University of New York at Albany. 214 pp., +xii; 4 folded plates (maps)
University at Albany Science Library call number: SCIENCE Oversize (*) QE 40 Z899 1985 K88

KuskyMSpl1.pdf (20362 kB)
Plate 1 - Geology of the Frozen Ocean Lake - New Bay Pond area (uncoloured outcrop map, scale ~1:15,840)

KuskyMSpl2.pdf (13485 kB)
Plate 2 - Lineament interpretation map of the northwestern portion of the Exploits Terrane, central Newfoundland (uncoloured lineament map)

KuskyMSpl3.pdf (3808 kB)
Plate 3 - Outline geological map of the northern portion of the Exploits terrane (uncoloured geological map)