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This brief annotated bibliography presents a synopsis of select literature on the topic ‘Organ Donation and Religion’ published between 1993 and 2017. The purpose is to review existing research from authoritative sources and to determine the beliefs of the general public versus those of religious experts on the topic. Searched databases include Scholars Portal, PubMed, Google Scholar, and the University of Ottawa Library databases on the ProQuest platform. Although there are several studies which discuss in broad terms the influence of religion on the beliefs and attitudes toward organ donation, few studies explore the beliefs and practices of Muslims in relation to organ donation. As shown in the annotated bibliography, the majority of the articles reviewed indicate multiple barriers to organ donation and transplantation in which religion is often a factor. Organ donation is considered controversial and ethically ambiguous, because it is neither condemned nor encouraged in any religious texts. With the uncertainty and lack of guidance related to organ donation and transplantation in a religious context, we have organized our selected publications under two themes: public opinion and expert opinion. Several of the articles also offer and examine solutions or proposals for organ donation recruitment in religious communities, and how health care systems, along with the professionals working within them, can better understand and accommodate their fears and needs. It is important to note that although much of the research is international, many articles originated from United Kingdom, Australia, and Turkey.

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